Case Studies

This section is specifically dedicated to sharing the facts concerning dogs that have undergone behavioural modification protocols with The Way of the Dog. The case studies relate to the direct involvement of the company or the delivery of professional advice during periods of consultation.

All accounts have been published with the direct consent and knowledge of the owners. For the purpose of confidentiality The Way of the Dog has in some cases intentionally withheld the names of the owners and their dogs, or changed names for the purpose of respecting privacy and maintaining anonymity.

The accounts published provide the salient points only and readers should not attempt to replicate any protocols that may be disclosed. Behaviour Modification is a specialised area and should only be practiced by those that have undergone professional training.

The Case of the Biting Golden Retriever

Teddy was imported from Ireland having lost his home through the passing of his owner. The history of the dog was largely unknown and required thorough background checks in order to provide limited details. During transportation Teddy bit the handler. The dog was homed with two potential families both of which found Teddy to difficult to handle.

Seb the Romanian Orphan

Raised on the streets of Romania Seb learnt to scavenge for food and fight for survival. This is the story of how two loving people brought the young orphan to a life in the UK.

Olla’s Story – Part 2

Olla, a young, fearful and confused German Shepherd has come to live and work with Shaun. What does the future hold for his handsome dog?

Olla’s Story – Part 1

Shaun was looking for a dog to support him and work with him at The Way of the Dog. Then he met Olla, a young German Shepherd in need of serious support.

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