The Big ScoopThe UK has a dog population of around 8 million. That’s a lot of dogs, and as a result, a heck of a lot of dog poop. Like many dog owners (and the majority of the population who are not dog owners) I am constantly frustrated at the behaviour of irresponsible owners. I see ‘scooping the poop’ as the responsibility that comes with owning a dog and being part of my local community. It’s as simple as that. Dog owners who don’t clean up after dogs really do damage the reputation of the rest of us.

The problem with dog fouling has risen for the first time in 10 years, according to the Local Environmental Quality Survey of England. So what can we do?

The Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy, have joined together with TV personality Ben Fogle to launch a great new campaign, ‘The Big Scoop’. I’m proud to support it and help spread the word. ‘The Big Scoop’ raises awareness that dog mess bags can go into any bin if there’s no dog bin available. And reminds irresponsible owners that hanging bags on fences or trees is not acceptable! It’s a worthwhile campaign. The rest is up to us. Leading by example, and offering a spare bag to a fellow dog owner feels like a good start. Let me know what you think.

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