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The Way of the Dog has teamed up with Natural Instinct to form a working collaboration focused on educating dog owners about the many benefits of raw and natural feeding. For some years now our own dogs have been fed on raw and natural food as we believe in the nutritional value that raw feeding heralds trusting that it promotes the highest levels of health and vitality in our dogs. We are very proud to be associated with Natural Instinct and whole heartedly endorse their excellent range of natural feeding products, we use them.

The pet food business is very much a developing industry with many companies seeking to enter the market with their own unique brands of food, at The Way of the Dog we believe that Natural Instinct has got it right and are evolving as market leaders in the raw feeding sector. The pet food produced by this ethical company is well balanced and available in a range of different varieties and ingredients. Natural Instinct prides itself on using only 100% British meat, poultry, and fish, that is DEFRA approved. Confidently feeding as nature intended, free from artificial additives, colours, preservatives and fillers.

The Way of the Dog regularly engages with clients whose dogs demonstrate behavioural problems or suffer from a range of different health issues. It is sometimes the case that diet plays a significant part in how a dog might be behaving or feeling and a change of food may yield fantastic results on both fronts. Natural Instinct’s motto, “You are what you eat” has foundation as far as we are concerned at The Way of the Dog.

As a company Natural Instinct is extremely helpful supporting dog owners with their ‘Advice & Education’ and ‘Customer Service’ sections, the company prides itself on quality customer service. If you would like to know more about this exciting pet food manufacturer visit their About Us page.

The Way of the Dog has joined up with Natural Instinct because we trust in their products, support their ethical approach to pet feeding, validate their customer focus, and respect the organisations, associations, and charities that they support.

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