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by Megan Reilly on The Way of the Dog
Eddie was out the door till we found Shaun

Thank you Shaun, for helping us find the fun and joy in our loveable Eddie once again! After months of battling to control our chocolate Labrador on the lead, and trying several other training ideas, we found TWOTD online and it was the best decision we could have made for Eddie. Shaun is a fantastic trainer, who has a wealth of knowledge and a true love for what he does. He instils confidence in you as the dog owner, giving you the tools you need to help your dog.We have been training with Shaun since February and in those four months we have seen such a positive change in Eddie. Shaun has shown us that Eddie is a very clever dog who loves to learn and thrives from training (and loves a good swim in the pond!). We now enjoy taking Eddie out for walks and we are excited to see how he develops with further training!

Thank you Megan & Richard for your kind review. It has been a pleasure working with you all and providing you with the support that you have needed to get the best from Eddie. He is a fantastic character and yet a challenge at the same time. With dedication and effort I have no doubt that he will continue to be a much valued member of the family. Keep up the good work.

by Fiona on The Way of the Dog
Big D (Rottweiler) - Behaviour Modification

Me and my 2 year old Rottie Diesel had managed to get ourselves into some turmoil. Having had Diesel since he was a puppy I always knew I would need some training for both him and me. Whilst we paid visit to a weekly training class this was proving to be insufficient for our needs. Big D had started to react in certain situations and I just couldn't figure out why? Couple that with my own anxiety increasing and confidence diminishing whenever big D and I were on our walks. I had become a nervous wreck trying to walk a powerful breed of dog - not a good combination! I knew I needed extra help and after finding out about Shaun's extensive qualifications and experience of the Rottie breed I reached out. We are now four months down the line and what I can say is that the relationship and bond between big D and I is completely turned around. Shaun quickly analysed that the focus and engagement between D and I was non-existent and was able to teach me in a way that suited my learning style and with patience how to build on that. He also seemed to instinctively know how to handle Diesel from day one and Diesel trusts Shaun and will follow his every command. Our walks together are now so much more enjoyable and big D is nearly listening to my every command. We continue to work hard at our training and have still have some way to go but the progress made to date with Shaun's help has been invaluable. I will never be able to thank Shaun enough. I'm sure he has worked/trained more on me than Diesel to get me to a place where I now know what is needed to handle the Rottweiler breed. His advice/training has been professional and impeccable throughout. To reflect on where we were compared with where we are now I know we would never have grown so much as a team without Shaun. From a personal perspective he has helped me grow with confidence in order to handle Diesel for which I will be ever grateful. Shaun comes with an A star recommendation from me and big D. A true miracle worker with dog and handler! Thank you so much Shaun 🙂

Thank you very much for your very kind and thoughtful review Fiona. I can truly say that Diesel or Big D is a true ambassador for the Rottweiler breed. He is an absolute pleasure to work and it is so rewarding watching him enjoying working with you. Your case typifies why it it is vitally important that you receive the right kind of support and guidance. Four months ago you were struggling to take Diesel for a walk without incident and this was despite the fact that training was taking place. It is clear that the training was not individual to your respective needs and was leaving you vulnerable. Owning a guardian breed comes with a huge amount of responsibility, a fact that you clearly understand hence the steps that you have taken. I am delighted to say that all your hard work has now reaped dividends and your dog is now following you, responding to you, and enjoying being with you. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and discovering exactly how we can continue to develop Big D.

by Geraldine Patrickson on The Way of the Dog
Ted Border Collie - Behaviour Modification

I went to Shaun because walking with 3 year old Ted, owned by a friend, had become an unpleasant experience, and I had told my friend I couldn't carry on. Ted's behaviour towards other dogs was not acceptable and I had no effective way of dealing with it. However, Ted is a lovely dog at home and with people, and I reasoned there must be a way to change his outdoor manner. Shaun observed us together, suggested reasons for the behaviour, which were a combination of Ted and me, and advised the behaviour modification programme was the way forward. I realised from the start that I was being trained just as much as Ted. It is strange at first observing your dog having an instant rapport with, and listening to someone else more than they listen to you, but Shaun is that kind of person, and why he trains the handler to build the same rapport. It is obvious he loves his job, he is very patient, wants his clients to succeed as much as they do, and never makes you feel silly. We have a lot of fun while training Ted, while at the same time making progress each session. After a few months, Ted has moved off the behaviour modification programme to normal training. His behaviour in the presence of other dogs is so much better, and although there are still isolated incidents, and Shaun explained this would be the case, I am much better equipped to deal with them and don't dread seeing another dog coming towards us. However, Ted's training is ongoing, and there are still improvements in him. Walking with Ted has become a pleasure again. I highly recommend Shaun to anyone who wants to work with their dog. The dog will enjoy it as much as you do.

Thank you Geraldine for your very kind review. Working with you both has been extremely rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Ted transit from a dog that showed minimal response to a dog that now pays you great attention. It is also a real delight to see you both enjoying working together. Ted is proving to be a Border Collie with great potential. Well done, keep working hard.

by James Foster on The Way of the Dog
Ryzen GSD Puppy

Since starting training with Ryzen my GSD. Myself and Ryzen are thoroughly enjoying the training with Shaun, Ryzen is improving very well and I find The Way of the Dog very professional and friendly. I am confident that my dog will be trained to the best he can be.

Thank you for your kind review James. It has been a pleasure teaching you how to train your GSD puppy and watching the progress that you have made. Keep up the excellent work, well done.

Malinois Blake

I knew that bringing home a Malinois pup was going to be a large commitment and would require much more knowledge / experience than I currently had. So, after numerous recommendations from fellow dog owners and along with reading all the reviews here, I contacted Shaun at The Way of the Dog and signed up for a puppy development course. From the minute we started the course I was impressed with Shaun’s knowledge and professional manner. Blake, at 12 weeks old, instantly took to Shaun who treated him as though he was his own and I had no hesitation in trusting he was in good hands. Throughout our initial training sessions Shaun always explained any behaviours and the reasoning behind them. Every session was fun and very informative and any questions I had were answered in depth. Since we completed Blake's initial puppy development course we now have a session once a week to progress both mine and Blake's learning / training. I intend to carry on with our sessions in pursuit of Blake being just as well trained as Shaun’s own dogs.I would definitely recommend Shaun and The Way of the Dog to anyone wanting to learn how to train / work with their dog.

Thank you for your kind review Paul. It is always a pleasure starting a course with a new puppy, it's even more exciting when the puppy was always destined to work. A Malinois is a real treat to work with as it wants to work. it wants to learn, and it wants to develop. Some confuse such attributes by suggesting that the Mali is an easy to train dog. This is not the case the Malinois requires a lot of work, a lot of effort, and a lot of dedication. You have set excellent foundations for your pup by possessing such a work ethic, long may the journey continue and long may the rewards be reaped.

Boss dog Bryn (Behaviour Modification)

What can I say about Shaun that's not already been said but let me tell you my story. My 7 year old border collie Bryn developed a total fear of cars, he would not go anywhere near to enable me getting him into the car, after going in cars since he was 8 weeks old with no problems whatsoever. This was due to a number of reasons one of which Shaun explained and I must say I didn't agree with but soon came to realise Shaun was correct. Anyway you can imagine the impact this had upon our lives from not being able to go further afield than local dog walks, to not being able to go on holiday with Bryn (and no I would never leave him in kennels), to even not being able to take him to the vets. Massive problem. I tried everything but as I am not the most patient of people did more harm than good. I Needed Help !!!!! So reluctantly and with some trepidation I rang Shaun I needn't have worried, Shaun listens to your problems and soon assesses the situation, he has an easy going way with him and made training fun for Bryn in a calm, gentle, persuasive manner. Last Thursday after a few short weeks Bryn actually got in the car I am still picking my jaw up off the ground, I would never have believed it. Admittedly as Shaun says still early stages. Bryn's confidence needs to be built up, but I am feeling really positive. Sorry to ramble on but I wanted to tell everyone what an excellent trainer and behaviourist Shaun is and I would recommend him to anyone. So thank you Shaun for everything you have done and for getting us so far, I realise it has been harder work training me than Bryn !!!

Thank you for your kind review Ann. It continues to be a real pleasure working with you, I enjoy watching your delight at seeing Bryn progress. This case is very much about fear, empowerment, and trust. We have learned over recent weeks how to be patient and rebuild that trust so that the dog willingly engages and follows our lead. You have worked very hard to support your dog and hopefully in time you will be racing round the county in your car with Bryn once again willingly hopping in and out.

Bane the goof

I have a 11 month old Dobbie and basically me and my partner where at the end of our tether with him, he is huge and would chew shoes and anything he could in the house. He has a lovely temperament and is a friendly boy but we had little if no control at all whilst walking him. He just used to see something and run, I am only 5”2 and he dragged me wherever he wanted to go. We had to seek help, I found ‘The Way of the Dog’ online and spoke with Shaun, we spoke about where I wanted to go with Bane and really I just wanted him to have a happy life and not be shouted at every day of his life. We have been training for 6 weeks now and I’m not going to say all my problems are solved because that would be a lie but we are on the right path and improvements are happening. Bane is a massive goof as we have learned and gets bored as he’s only a puppy but Shaun is brilliant with him and Bane loves to see him. Unlike a comment made by a dog walker in the park regarding The Way of the Dog being strict and that I should try a different trainer I am more than happy with how Bane is responding to Shaun. Myself and Bane thoroughly enjoy our classes each week. I can’t thank Shaun and The Way of the Dog enough for helping us. Without him we would most likely be looking for a new home for Bane.

Thank you very much for your kind review Emma. I really appreciate the comments that you have made as they reflect the fact that dog training requires commitment, consistency, continuity, and patience. The comments by the dog walker may have some foundation as I am strict in my approach as I want you and your dog to experience a harmonious relationship. Perhaps that was not the message that was being conveyed to you? Contrary to the beliefs of some, being strict in our approach to training does not mean that we adopt aversive methods. We are strict in detail and delivery and always ensure that our dogs have a pleasurable experience leaving them wanting more.

by Daniel Lomas on The Way of the Dog
Training my Cane da Presa

Training Kenzo - having spoken to several dog trainers over the phone before deciding who was going to be able to point me in all of the right directions when it came to training my dog, I immediately knew that Shaun was going to be the one who could do so! My initial thoughts and opinions were soon proven correct from my first ever lesson with him. My dog was roughly 14 weeks of age when he had his first lesson and knowing he was going to grow into a whopper very quickly, now 10 months on I am able to have a better understanding of not only the breed of dog I have but the way his mind works. I have Shaun to thank for that. He’s taught me in steps how to maintain a good bond with my dog and this has enabled me to make sure small commands are now a part of our daily routine. He doesn’t just train your dog but he teaches you personally how to train your dog yourself, so you can go away from the lesson able to follow them through at home. I would recommend Shaun to anyone wanting to train their puppy or adult dog. He treats your dog like one of his own and the relationship between my dog and Shaun shows, he quickly became excited to get on the field and work, not to mention seeing Shaun. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind review Daniel. It has been a real pleasure being involved in the training and development of Kenzo. From the little blue eyed pup to the gigantic beast that he has become. Training is certainly always entertaining and I do look forward to our sessions. Keep up the good work and know that you are part of the core of responsible dog owners that are out there.

by Sharon Jennings on The Way of the Dog
Accomplished and Appropriate Training

Meg and Ben are border collie x kelpie, or mongrels as I used to know dogs who were of mixed breeds. I rescued them when they were just under 3 years old. They are brother and sister and had been mistreated and underfed. I was new to owning dogs, and whilst we bonded quite quickly I felt that I wasn't enough for them. They showed signs of wanting more from me and it was confusing for them that I didn't have the expertise they had perhaps been used to. I wanted them to be happy and to help them cope with some of their behavioural issues they were displaying. Ben with his lack of confidence and Meg with her stressful approach to situations behaving like a ferocious wolf when she doesn't really know what to do then looking like Bambi when she wants something. Shaun had previously given me some very good advice a few years before about a dog I was thinking of rescuing and so it was a no brainer for me to choose him to help me train me so that I could be of benefit for the dogs. Shaun is well educated both with practice and theory of dogs and their behaviours. He provided appropriate and adequate advice at every given moment, quite often referenced by other credible dog authors/psychologists/trainers. Ben and Meg took to Shaun straight away in a way I hadn't seem them do with other adults. They knew that Shaun knew about dogs and they knew that I didn't. The hard part has been me remembering what we've learned from the sessions to implement at home. This is supported through his forum along with phone, text or email if needed. It's been a huge step for me, but without Shaun, I would not be where I am with the dogs today which is 7 months with the dogs now and we can walk outdoors like civilised animals rather than ferocious wolves. I have tried other trainers prior to Shaun, but none that provided an accomplished approach which you get with Shaun.

Thank you very much Sharon for your very kind review. Taking on a rescue dog is not always the easy task that it is sometimes portrayed, taking on rescue siblings is an altogether different prospect. Despite the challenges that we face in supporting both dogs it has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. It is clear that Ben & Meg are intelligent dogs despite their respective sensitivities. I look forward to continuing to unlock their potential and helping them become the dogs that they were always destined to be.

by Gareth Pratt on The Way of the Dog
Zippy - English Springer spaniel

Shaun was highly recommend by a client of mine and didn't disappoint. We initially took our Springer to see him as we thought she had anxiety and stress issues on the lead, Shaun quickly and very accurately advised that this wasn't the case. After a few sessions with Shaun we now have a much greater understanding of Zippy and what makes her tick and feel much more confident and that has definitely transmitted down the lead into a happier dog 😀. Highly recommended, cheers Shaun.

Thank you for your kind review. It was a pleasure working with you and it was extremely satisfying passing on the knowledge and understanding of your dog so that you can all live in harmony. I hope that you have great times together.

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