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Roly - Beagle

Apr 26, 2014 by Debra Myerscough

Just completed our first 3 lessons with Shaun, hard to describe what a difference it's already making to mine and my son's relationship, with our challenging but loveable beagle Roly. Our dog is 9 months old, I didn't opt for standard training classes when he was younger as I simply couldn't find one I had the confidence in. Underestimating totally the patience and work involved especially with a beagle, and on occasion being at my wits end, I continued to search for help and luckily I came across Shaun's website. I knew straight away on our initial phone call that Shaun understood the problems I was facing and he immediately gave me confidence that Roly's behaviour could be improved, even though he was out of his optimum training age. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shaun to anyone with any dog of any age, Roly has so enjoyed the sessions, he's like a different dog around Shaun, we've learned so much in such a short time, we're eager to carry on and look forward to a well trained and contented beagle, thanks Shaun.

Response: You are welcome Debra. It is a pleasure to work with you, Jensen, and Roly. With your commitment to training I am sure that he will continue to develop into a fine young dog that is a pleasure to take for a walk. Keep up the hard work and well done.

Sol a German Shepherd

Apr 18, 2014 by frank derbyshire

I have had four German Shepherds over the years and have taken them to training classes, but Shaun is in a different class. He seems to know what the dog is thinking and gets into the dog's head. He explains to you what he wants from you and he is very patient and doesn't rush so if you want the best Shaun is your man.

Response: Thank you very much for your kind comments Frank. Sol is a challenge but a pleasure, I look forward to helping you develop him to full maturity.


Apr 13, 2014 by Jayne Rowland

We have had our 3 lessons with our rescue GSD Jack, whom we have had for 9 weeks. Shaun has given us an understanding into why Jack is like he is and also a lot of hope that he will become a socialised and well behaved dog with training. Jack is already showing positive signs after our lessons and we will definitely be continuing with Shaun to get Jack to where we want him to be. Thanks Shaun!

Response: Jayne, thank you for your comments. I look forward to continuing our objective of integrating Jack into your family. He has the potential to be a very good GSD.

Otto - Mini Schnauzer

Apr 12, 2014 by Louise & David Blundell

In August 2013 we got our first dog a 9 week old Miniature schnauzer, Otto. We attended puppy classes and spent time teaching him basic training - sit, stay, and off lead recall. At around 4 months old we realised somewhere we had gone wrong and our puppy began to bark at strangers at home and on walks which we found very embarrassing and a behaviour we wanted to stop as soon as possible.

We contacted Shaun in November 2013 to seek help with this behavioural issue. I had received various different types of advice on how to deal with this from different trainers, however I found none of these techniques had worked and I found myself doubting the advice I had been given and lacked confidence in these trainers.

I had heard a lot of good things about Shaun so decided to contact him. He came to visit us in our home soon after and immediately felt confident in his knowledge and experience and we began a training regime. We trained in different areas, at home and different public areas and within a few weeks following Shaun's instructions we started to notice improvement. Otto is still a baby at 10 months, but with a lot of work with Shaun he is improving all the time and is a very well behaved boy. We are now committed to keeping up his training as myself and my husband thoroughly enjoy the fortnightly obedience sessions we attend with Shaun. Otto loves to learn and responds so well to Shaun.

Both myself and my Husband cannot fault Shaun's training techniques, firm but fair, and rewarding Otto when he has done well with either food or toy rewards. Shaun, as well as a great dog trainer is a brilliant teacher and his years of experience show in the way he teaches and trains.

Everything about Shaun's business is Professional, from his website to the behavioural modification report we received at the end of his behavioural training.

We cannot thank Shaun enough for the help he has given us with Otto, and we hope to keep training with him for years to come.

Response: Thank you very much Louise & David for your review, your comments are greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing our association with you and supporting you in the continued development of Otto.

Don't go anywhere else............

Apr 12, 2014 by wendy kynaston

We are absolutely thrilled with our little Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle Cross Eva who is now approaching 9 months old. Like most puppies she is lively, mischievous and in need of proper training so we are all happy and she is safe. We happened across TWOTD by accident really having asked around to try and source some decent training for her. Friends told me about their frustrations attending some classes with large numbers and coming away feeling like they hadn't learnt much and it had been a bit of a free for all, I'd tried reading up on the subject without much in the way of results and then saw a review for this service.
Shaun is totally amazing, the first time he walked through our door he had Eva under his spell in about 5 seconds, normally she would go through her routine of cartwheels, seeing how high she can jump up on any visitor and generally going beserk.... within seconds she was sat at his feet looking at him with a paw on his foot and he hadn't even said anything!
A lot of what he tells you seems so obvious when he says it but it just never occurs, we have had 3 sessions now and the difference to Eva is amazing. She and us love the sessions, all the family is involved, he is extremely patient and explains everything in a way we all understand, his audience here ranges from my teenage Son to 70 year old Mother, we all thoroughly enjoy it.
His professionalism and experience shine through, you really feel like you have an expert in your corner helping you get the best from your dog.
Today we have been out in his training field practicing walking to heel, recall and other required outside skills. Eva loved it, it's amazing to see your dog learning so much and really enjoying it at the same time.
With regards to costs, I definitely think you get what you pay for and when you look at the big picture it's very good value as you are getting the help and advice of someone at the top of their profession, something you will realise in the first few minutes. Actually, a session costs less than a family trip to the cinema and is far more beneficial, we really look forward to them and will be taking part in the agility sessions he will be doing through the Summer with our little ball of fluff! We hope she will have a very long and healthy life so think the right investment now in her training will pay dividends hopefully for the next 15 years or so.
My vets have told me they are using TWOTD as their behavioural specialist which I think speaks volumes. We can't praise Shaun enough and have no reservations about recommending him to any dog owner who wants the best for their pet.

Response: Thank you very much Wendy for your very kind words in your review. Eva is a great little dog to work with and we look forward to supporting you in her continued development.

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