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My rescue GSD Jack...

Jun 01, 2016 by Jayne Rowland

I have been working with Shaun for just over 2 years...not much in the last 6 months as we've put Shaun's training advice into practice daily and turned a corner....Shaun has been so supportive and encouraging with us as Jack had a few behaviour issues which Shaun understood and helped us massively with...he gave me confidence with Jack to go out and about and deal with situations that we came across... I have recommended Shaun to quite a few of my fellow rescuers!., always willing to listen and is passionate about his dogs and their training and behaviour...this is apparent when you talk with him...always available to give support and advice... Thanks for all your help....look forward to continuing doing further training with you....very professional approach and realistic advice....

Response: Thank you very much for this unexpected review Jayne. It was great to see you and Jack working so well at the recent GSD focus group, he was a credit to you and his behaviour demonstrated just how hard you have worked with him. Well done and see you at the next group meeting.

Billy and children (Behaviour Modification)

May 31, 2016 by Vicky Kelly

Shaun you have been a pleasure to work with and Billy and I will miss our training sessions. Always positive and professional you gave me back the confidence I lost when Billy snapped when children and sometimes adults carrying objects such as a stick came into his personal space. You helped us understand how the break-in had more than likely caused this behaviour, and taught me the skills to understand and anticipate his reaction. I will not hesitate to contact you again should the need arise and absolutely recommend anyone considering your services to go ahead, they won't be disappointed.

Response: Thank you for a kind and lovely review. I too have enjoyed working with both you and Billy, he is a great little dog and a credit to you. It is true that a trauma such as the break-in can have a detrimental impact on behaviour. Moving forward I will always be here to support you should Billy ever require more work, until that day enjoy walking and exercising him.

PJ (Behaviour Modification)

May 27, 2016 by Shelley Guy

Thank you Shaun, for helping us with PJ or should I say me!

PJ my gorgeous St Bernard has been through a lot! We had a Dalmatian who would regularly be aggressive to PJ and I got caught in the fight, so we had to make the horrible decision to re home him. We also have a fence chasing Westie, who is our next door neighbour's dog, at first PJ never bothered with him but the experiences he as been through have made PJ aggressive to him and other dogs he meets on walks.

I was at my wits end thinking the worse, it was the kennels who put me in touch with Shaun, thank god! I am not saying that PJ is fixed but Shaun has given me the confidence, strategies and training exercises to get PJ to listen to me and trust that I am in control and can help him. He is always going to need help but hopefully with Shaun's continuing help and support his behavior will become manageable.

Response: Thank you for your kind review Shelley. It has been most enjoyable working with PJ, he is a character despite his behaviour issues. Your review highlights the point that behaviour modification programmes are sometimes necessarily long term approaches to behaviour change. Aggression can be a complex behaviour and may warrant a complex approach, we will be here to support you and continue advancing you towards your long term goals however long it takes.

Timm the GSD (Behaviour Modification)

May 26, 2016 by Jo

Having been possibly lied to about the dogs history, Shaun has helped us a lot with understanding his behaviour and working with him to improve it. We will be working with him more.

Response: Thank you for your review Jo. Taking on a young dog from unknown quarters is seldom easy, the dog is often relinquished from the previous owners due to poor behaviour. Your enthusiasm to overcome the hurdles before you will help you progress towards a successful outcome.

Couber and me - a work in progress (Behaviour Modification)

May 26, 2016 by Sandy Holland

I'm an experienced dog owner and I'd had an easy time training my previous dogs, a Rottweiler, a Giant Schnauzer and a Border Collie, to an acceptable pet dog level. I had never consulted a dog trainer until I felt I needed help with Couber, my German Shepherd, because he barked at other dogs. Unfortunately I set off down a fruitless route of attending classes in which Couber practised getting better at … barking at other dogs. We were actually asked to leave two classes! Things became worse when Couber was attacked by an aggressive dog whilst out on walk and he began lunging at passing dogs when on the lead.

I decided to have one last attempt at finding a trainer who could help. Having recently seen a police dog display, I commented to my husband that I would love to work with that sort of trainer and this time I was determined to go to any lengths to find the right person. I spent some considerable time researching different training methods and philosophies and eventually I contacted John Rogerson, who wrote the excellent book, The Dog Vinci Code, which seemed to me to be an intelligent, humane approach. John kindly set me off on a trail leading to several other renowned UK experts, one of whom was Shaun.

I actually got a lot more than I bargained for. Shaun has taken the trouble to get to know my dog and me as a unique team – we are a work in progress, learning a whole repertoire of handling, training and coping strategies. He addresses our specific behavioural issues while we work both in the training area and out in the real world of walks and I always leave the training sessions feeling enthusiastic and positive.

Shaun is a consummate professional. His work with his own dogs is impressive and he has the skills, knowledge and experience to teach others how to handle and train their dogs. His intelligent, questioning approach cuts through the mystique and the, often polarised, opinions and falsehoods that are endemic in the dog training world.

Response: Thank you for such a fantastic review Sandy. You have said it all. It is always a pleasure to work with you and Couber and I am just very pleased that you are on the right path to having a successful and joyful relationship with your dog. I look forward to teaching you how to develop Couber further.

Aggressive behaviour (Behaviour Modification)

Jan 16, 2016 by Tonya Sutcliffe

Our family has been separated from our dogs (Bella and Basil) for 8 months. When we were reunited we quickly noticed aggressive behaviour being shown by our 2 year old boxer Basil towards other dogs during walks.
When we were invited to the training area, Shaun was quickly able to ascertain that Basil was indeed aggressive towards all dogs (and everything that moved) and gave me guidance as to how best to keep Basil's reactions under control.
Other a number of weeks Shaun continued to work with me to teach me how to foresee Basil’s reactions and calm him before issues arose. Shaun’s suggestions on how to control Basil had an immediate positive effect and I became more and more confident with each session.
Basil’s behavioural problems are quite severe, however we are confident to overcome the problems as Shaun has given us the right tools to manage the situation. Shaun's help has been invaluable and took a lot of pressure from our daily walks.

Response: Thank you very much for your kind review Tonya. It has been a pleasure working with you and Basil. I recall watching the sheer delight on your face once you learned to bring Basil under control and walk him past other dogs without reaction. Dog's that have learned to be aggressive will generally always be a work in progress, but once you are in possession of strategies that help you understand and handle the dog then you are in a much better place. Well done.

What a relief! (Behaviour Modification)

Jan 06, 2016 by Viv Morris

I brought up my first 3 dogs without problems and got them to great ages. My next 3 - different story. My Jack Russell is a bit anxious with strangers, I have to put him on a lead near large dogs. My Bichon Frise brilliant with any size of dog, very frightened of humans apart from myself of course, however, this did not cause problems for me. Then I got Kizzy a collie cross. The perfect puppy, brilliant off lead on walks, very loving. I booked puppy training classes. As the time to start the classes approached, so did Kizzy's behaviour. She started to lunge at every car we passed, bark at people and seemed to be terrified of dogs even ones in the far distance. I phoned the trainer and she advised one-to-one training, which we had in an office, then for various reasons she couldn't see me for several weeks. I tried the ideas she had given me but they didn't seem to work and it was a bit confusing. I trawled the Internet and found Shaun - thank goodness. Shaun came to the house first to assess US in a natural environment. It makes a lot of sense. He immediately gave me pointers on my other two dogs - they don't have any manners Viv! Shaun gave me some good advice and they are much better. Shaun has experience, knowledge and amazing intuition. He is honest, which is extremely important, and you have to be able to adapt where necessary to be successful - some things take longer to fix. We did behaviour modification for part of the course and some general training. I gained confidence and looked forward to walking in areas densely populated with dogs! I understand that most problems came from me not knowing how to respond/react appropriately. Kizzy is a delight to take out now. Shaun has also done behaviour modification with Maisie my seven-year-old Bichon. She is a work in progress, but is definitely more confident around other people. Long after the training Shaun is available for advice and support and I will continue to enjoy the occasional training session. I would advise anyone getting a new dog/puppy to contact Shaun for advice and training. I wasted a lot of money and precious time during the period when my puppy was most vulnerable before I found

Thanks Shaun I couldn't have coped without you.

Response: Thank you very much for your kind review Viv. It has been a pleasure to work with you and all your dogs. Your enthusiasm and care towards your dogs is fantastic. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Happy days

Nov 16, 2015 by Susan and Bella the Lab

After having an heart attack last year and partially losing my sight my confidence was very low and I was suffering with depression and needed something to focus my attention on rather than my illness. I needed to get out walking to help my recovery so what better way than to get a dog after careful consideration. I was introduced to Bella in March of this year and my partner Mark and myself took to her straight away. Although Bella was already six months old when we got her she was fully house trained and well behaved with a loving personality but taking her out for a walk was becoming a nightmare, as she constantly pulled and was getting uncontrollable on the lead. Also with Bella getting bigger and stronger the problems with taking her for a walk were getting bigger, so I decided to look for a dog trainer. We looked on the internet and found quite a few, reading Shaun's reviews helped us to decide as they were good reviews but also they are recent reviews. We are so glad we did choose Shaun as going out with Bella now is a pleasure and no longer a battle hence "happy days". Shaun knew what the issues were and taught Mark and myself how to take back control and create a medium were we could communicate more clearly to Bella our commands at the same time Bella's behaviour has come on massively. Shaun takes the time to explain things and does it at your pace which is a good thing as Mark sometimes has difficulty learning new things but Shaun quickly put Mark at ease and the process has been very enjoyable for us all and as for the results we can't thank Shaun enough especially Bella. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Shaun's skills and expertise to anyone, Shaun also gave us good advice on dog products. Thanks a million Shaun from myself, Mark and Bella.

Response: Thank you for your kind review Sue and Mark. It has been a pleasure working with you all and helping you work towards your goals with Bella. Owning a dog, even a loving dog is sometimes a challenge, but with patience and persistence it is possible to achieve a harmonious balance. Well done and keep working towards your long term objectives.

Tango (Support Dog) One-to-One Dog Training

Nov 10, 2015 by Hannah

Our family hadn't considered getting a dog until the last year or so when we read about the work of Psychiatric Service Dogs and the benefits of welcoming a furry companion into my life. Due to the lack of funding in the UK these types of dogs were not available, even though a select few charities had been established for this need. The only centre offering a support dog was one based around Europe with a two year wait and a £6,000 fee. Due to mental illness I would not have been able to go to university without some kind of support system and a dog was perfect but there were plenty of barriers to overcome. We decided to take a gamble and to rescue a 7 year old Staffi-cross named Tango. She was the most loving and curious dog that we've ever met but she was also ill and lacked basic training and lead work. Shaun was very honest with us about Tango's suitability and we knew that if she wasn't right for me to take with me to university then he would let us know. Shaun was very amiable and gave instruction well, whilst also praising to increase our confidence. He implemented a step-by-step approach and supported us through any queries we had. He went out of his way to make sure that we had the best relationship with Tango that we could possibly have and I cannot thank him enough for that. Shaun's sessions weren't pressurized and he allowed us to progress at a rate that we were comfortable with. He always kept in mind that we were training her to provide a service and added ideas that complemented the aim. Tango has completely transformed my life. She is a loving companion who has allowed me to recover from my illness as she was recovering herself. We came out of the other side together and we have Shaun to thank you that!

Response: Thank you for your kind and unexpected review Hannah. It was a real pleasure working with you, Tango, and the rest of your family. I am so pleased to hear that your relationship with Tango is developing so well and that she had proven to be a faithful companion for you at university. Well done for all your efforts and your dedication towards Tango's development.

Training Jussi - One-to-One Dog Training

Oct 29, 2015 by Maggie

Jussi is nearly 14 month old now. She is a beautiful black Labrador and is VERY sociable. In many ways a great dog but can be "giddy" and is every dogs pal!

I first contacted Shaun round about June when Jussi was approx. 10 month's old and I had charge of her for only 3 months. I could see she had a lovely temperament but needed a more structured way of behaviour especially towards other dogs.

Working with Shaun is an eye opener and an enjoyable experience when I can see Jussi improving in many ways. Obedience in a dog is paramount and I am learning all the time as is my Labrador.

If anyone is reading my brief review and wondering if they should call Shaun about aspects of their dogs behaviour I would say "Go for it" and you will not be disappointed. Improvements don't happen over night but persevere and you will be rewarded.

Response: Thank you for your kind review Maggie. It is a pleasure working with you, helping you achieve your objectives, and getting the best from Jussi. There are no quick fixes in dog training despite what some might claim, there is only hard work, patience, and dedication to the task. Well done Maggie you have demonstrated all of those attributes. Keep up the hard work.

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