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by Dawn McDaid on The Way of the Dog
Goldie Troubles (Puppy Development)

I came to Shaun as a complete novice to the world of puppies, with my Golden Retriever, Teddy, who was then 6 months old. I was very much out of my depth, as Teddy was a very spirited and stubborn character and was totally mis-matched to my level of skill (which was nil). I had no control or bond with Teddy, who had started to demonstrate signs of dominance and resource guarding, characteristics I had probably exacerbated due to bad training and had no idea how to tackle. I had received quite a lot of conflicting advice at the beginning, which was really confusing and probably not the right advice for the situation I found myself in with Teddy.Shaun very quickly identified that the core of the problem was my inexperience and lack of confidence in tackling Teddy’s behaviour, which was in effect fuelling these negative traits. Shaun has worked with Teddy and I to break down the challenges, has provided me with a tool kit of understandable techniques which I use on a daily basis and most importantly developed my confidence in handling Teddy. One really important aspect I have learned about our training sessions is that they are as much for me as they are for Teddy and Shaun never judges my questions, however silly or basic they may appear!Before Xmas I was genuinely at breaking point and it was decision time as to whether I tried to “man up” and deal with Teddy or let him go to another home. I can honestly say, that without Shaun’s patience, experience, pragmatic yet caring approach I know I would have lost Teddy. 4 months after I started training, with Shaun’s help and unwavering support, Teddy has developed into a wonderful little character, he is becoming a little gentleman, is a central part of the family and loyal friend.I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of my training sessions with Shaun, which has manifested itself in all the challenges being resolved, which I think is a huge success!Thank you so much from us both!

Thank you Dawn for your kind review. Dog training is rarely a straightforward forward process, especially where a strong willed puppy is concerned. This can be further exasperated by the conflicting opinions relating to dog training. Notwithstanding, you have worked extremely hard and your patience, persistence, and courage is now being rewarded.

by Nathan Calvert on The Way of the Dog
Willow : Giant Schnauzer (Dog Training)

My partner Clare and myself contacted Shaun a few months ago as our little puppy was becoming quite a handful and as she is a working breed we needed help to channel her energy and be able to control her more.From the first session we could tell that Shaun was very professional and everything that he has taught us and Willow is coming together brilliantly. We now have a very happy obedient dog who is progressing further after each lesson.We plan to keep up the training because we know that under the guidance of 'The Way Of The Dog' we can achieve so much with Willow.I can't recommend Shaun enough and his help has been priceless for our family.

Thank you Nathan & Clare for your kind review. Your hard work has reaped dividends and as a consequence you have a very happy and pleasant dog. Willow continues to impress and is a real ambassador to her breed, she has so much potential. Well done.

by John and Miriam on The Way of the Dog

We contacted Shaun in January this year out of desperation after Ruari our Jack Russel Terrier had started to attack us. These attacks increased in severity until we were unable to put his lead on to take him for a walk. Shaun spent the day with us and Ruari observing his behaviour and giving retraining advice. After a week Shaun came for a follow up visit to offer further advise and training. This has resulted in Ruari being a far happier, relaxed dog whose aggressive tendency is under control. Without Shaun's intervention the future for Ruari was looking very bleak. We cannot thank Shaun enough for his expert advice, training and the added safeguard of future advice and support if needed.

Thank you very much Miriam & John for your very kind review. Your case is an example of how an innocuous situation can quickly develop into something far more sinister. It is essential that we understand why a dog is behaving aggressively before we attempt to modify that aggression. Ruari had lost his way and we needed to understand why that was. Well done for taking the time to understand and to allow him to trust and find his confidence again.

by Helen Roy on The Way of the Dog
Kira 5yr old black Labrador

In Aug 2017 I got in touch with Shaun as Kira was becoming more and more noise sensitive. There was an incident with fireworks when she was 1yr old. Last year she got a whole lot worse. Cars, motorbikes, thunderstorms all had a big impact on her stress levels and it could take her until the next day to recover from this. With Shaun's experience, knowledge and expertise in working with dogs we have a better dog. By reinforcing training and by being calmer when she stresses means that her recovery rate has come way down and she is less stressed by noises. This will never be a cure but with Shaun's insight I can now hopefully work with her in a better way and I can read her far better. Shaun thank you so much for your support and advice. H

Thank you Helen for your kind review. When a dog has experienced a significant trauma the world around it can become a worrying place. So many triggers that activate memories of that past trauma. Modification and management of behaviour work hand in hand when helping a dog desensitise to a particular provocation. Often we must look at our own emotional responses and consider what impact such responses have on all round behaviour. You take time to understand your dog and you have worked incredibly hard over the years and recently whilst working with TWOTD to give Kira the best possible life. Well done to you all.

by Andy & Jude on The Way of the Dog
Millie the Airedale Terrier

We have an Airedale with what can only be described as an obsession with trees and sticks. We realized that we needed professional help but didn't really know where to turn. By chance 'The Way of The Dog' was recommended to us and during the first session there was an immediate improvement and we knew we had made the right decision on choosing Shaun to help us. Shaun's knowledge, experience and skills really are amazing and have to be seen to be appreciated. Everything is explained thoroughly and we now have much more confidence in how we handle Millie. We (and Millie) have made great progress and always look forward to our weekly training sessions. If you need assistance don't look any further and contact The Way of The Dog straight away. You and your dog will not be disappointed.

Thank you Andy & Jude for your kind review. Every session we have together is extremely enjoyable, Millie has great energy. That energy was being inappropriately directed, however with your hard work and focus you have successfully made great leaps in the right direction. Millie is a credit to you and has the potential for so much more. Keep working hard.

I wish I'd started earlier!! - Dog Training

I took my "typical beagle" to puppy training which was o.k. but didn't really meet the needs of a very lively, clever, independent pup. Add in to the mix a couple of incidents when she was "ambushed" by bigger dogs that were off the lead and I had a lovely dog who was a mixture of wilfulness, naughtiness and anxiousness. Shaun has been great and taught me as much as he has taught her - if not more! There is a definite improvement in behaviour, not only because of the practical help and strategies given but also no doubt influenced by the fact that we are learning together. Training sessions are most enjoyable and interesting and I wish I had found Shaun, and started with him, much earlier.

Thank you for your kind review Helen. Beagle's occasionally get an unfair representation regarding their ability. Mabel, despite her sometimes anxious and boisterous nature, has demonstrated outstanding potential and great intelligence. She is a great ambassador for her breed. Well done.

by Eirini Apostolaki on The Way of the Dog
Cannot recommend highly enough - Behaviour Modification

I got in contact with Shaun regarding my dog Raul. He was having serious problems with aggression (unprovoked) towards people on the street or in the house and extreme separation anxiety. I had already tried a different behaviourist and had talked to several before getting in touch with Shaun. Being in the veterinary field myself, as a veterinarian, I knew how difficult this situation was and also how dangerous. My boy was a big, strong 2-year-old german shepherd mix and had the potential to cause significant damage to others. He had already snapped/bitten a couple of times and the problem was escalating. I was at my wits end when I stumbled across Shaun's website, after looking for accredited behaviourists in the uk (again being a vet, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find someone who actually has the qualifications and knowledge to handle your dog and knows what he's talking about. A lot of so called "behaviourists" out there giving wrong information that only harm the animal-owner relationship more). I called Shaun and he immediately made me feel at ease. I felt like he was confident, knew what he was talking about and would do everything in his power to help us. I also knew instantly he wouldn't lie or sugar coat for me and he would give me his honest opinion on whether Raul could be helped and if I was the correct person to help him. And for the first time in a long time I felt confident and like I had someone in our corner. We worked with Raul, Shaun always just being a phone call away during our ups but most importantly are multiple downs. And he was there when tough choices had to made (sadly it was revealed during the process that Raul was suffering from a lifelong, debilitating disease, which made the outcome really negative for him and us). I cannot recommend Shaun highly enough. He's been there for me through everything, he kept in touch well beyond what his "duty" was and I feel like he genuinely cared for both me and Raul. I recommend him daily to patients and clients who struggle with behaviour issues and I will continue doing so for the rest of my career. Shaun is truly a credit to his profession, a wonderful person and his knowledge and professionalism are coming second to only his true love and compassion for the dogs under his care. Thank you Shaun, for everything!

Thank you Eirini. I recognise that writing this review would have been no easy task given the very sad ending, I am extremely grateful. However, between the two of us we will utilise the whole experience to great effect by the support that we give to others who find themselves in similar situations.

by Malcolm Smith on The Way of the Dog
Jake - we knew it wouldn't be easy

Jake is a 10 months old Lakeland Terrier who we got in November 2016 so he was 3 months when we brought him home. Although we have had dogs before, last one 20 years ago, my wife and I are newbies when it comes to pups. After a very shaky start with a completely unsuitable trainer we were recommended to contact Shaun and thank goodness we did. After the initial 3 training sessions with Shaun the change in Jake's behavior is definitely improving. He's not a naughty dog, he's showing all the traits of a Lakie, but sometimes needs a reminder of who and where he is. One thing became obviously clear through the training sessions, it wasn't only Jake who needed training as some of the things we thought we were doing right needed correcting and through Shaun's patience and understanding we think we to are improving. We are continuing training sessions and look forward to a long and happy life with Jake....thanks to Shaun.

Thank you for a kind review. It has been most enjoyable working with you and watching Jake develop whilst enjoying himself. Terriers are often misunderstood and as a result inappropriately trained, your story is another example of choosing very carefully who to work with. Well done for your effort, enthusiasm, and dedication to Jake. I look forward to working with you again very soon.

by Kate Lewis on The Way of the Dog
Gozo (Behaviour Modification)

Where do I start?!...I honestly can't put into words how much Shaun has done for me and Gozo. Gozo is a Border Collie, he is now 6 months old. I first contacted Shaun when Gozo was 3 months old, he had bitten me aggressively, he had already growled at me several times and I was starting to worry. Gozo is the result of puppy farming, I was not aware of his tragic way into this world when I got him. I initially contacted Shaun for a chat, he was great. He clearly explained what was happening and he was genuinely concerned for my well being. He gave me time to reflect and make a decision on what I was going to do. All I can say is thank goodness I went with Shaun and The Way of the Dog. I don't know where we would be right now if it wasn't for Shaun. Shaun has been brilliant, he certainly knows the Way of The Dog, his knowledge is second to non and he continues to help me learn The Way too. He has been tireless in his work to help me and Gozo! Because of Shaun I have been able to give Gozo my very best. And no matter what will happen in the future I know I couldn't have done more for Gozo and myself for that matter. Because of Shaun I am a better dog owner than I ever thought I would or could be. Shaun I can't thank you enough! If you are reading this review and you're worried or concerned about your dogs behaviour and you need help, I can't recommend Shaun highly enough. Shaun, thank you for everything.

Thank you for such a kind review. My comments to Carmel apply to you both, I was not expecting a review from each of you. In time we will produce a case study on Gozo to help support other owners with suspected puppy farmed dogs. Living with a dog with deep rooted psychological issues is going to be a challenge for anyone. It requires courage and strength, composure and commitment. Everyday is potentially challenging and a day for learning. I applaud you for standing by your dog despite his issues.

by Carmel on The Way of the Dog
Gozo the Border Collie (Behaviour Modification)

Gozo was purchased from what we now know is likely to be a puppy farm and it wasn't long before Gozo started displaying unusual aggression for a puppy of only 4 months. My partner contacted Shaun after Gozo bit her and due to resource guarding.. Shaun is incredibly supportive and has always been on the end of a phone when we needed him. His training sessions are fantastic and his knowledge and insight into dog behaviour is amazing. We keep a support blog going which Shaun reads and responds too. We would recommend The Way of the Dog to anyone looking to for that extra support for a naughty dog, or a first time owner, or a dog that needs that extra special attention.

Thank you for such a kind review. It is always heartbreaking to learn that the dog that you thought you had purchased turns out to be something very different. Your dedication and commitment to Gozo is testament to you despite such challenging circumstances. We have a long way to go with this young dog and I will be on hand to support you all.

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