There has been an increase in the number of dogs being bitten by snakes in the UK this year with various reports from different regions.  In Bolton there has been three separate cases in the Smithills Country Park in recent weeks.  The only venomous snake to habit the UK is the adder, which is considered a threatened speciesAdder Snake


It is generally considered that an adder will avoid confrontation and move away when feeling threatened.  They are not aggressive animals and will usually only bite if caught or trodden on.  Snake bites if left untreated can be fatal to both humans and dogs or can lead to a series of other serious health issues including the possibility of amputation for your beloved pet dog’s limbs.


It is likely that the recent hot weather has seen the snakes venturing out into areas to bask in the sun.  Dog owners need to be vigilant and pay attention to their dogs when they are off the lead.  A dog demonstrating undue interest towards an object along the paths that they walk should be recalled immediately until it is clear what the object is.  If your dog does not recall when called consider keeping your dog on a lead or long line in areas known to be habited by snakes.  It is also recommended that you seek professional training to develop your dog’s recall.  Some dogs will heed the warning that a snake may give, whilst others may attempt to pick up or play with the snake.  If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by a snake seek immediate veterinary attention as your dog’s life may very well depend upon it.


The attached link gives further information regarding snake bites;


Let us know if you have seen snakes in your local area or you are aware that dogs have been bitten.  Informed dog owners can keep their animals safe from harm and also leave the snakes in peace.


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