Until recently The Way of the Dog Ltd has not considered dog friendly hotels to be a destination of choice.  Being considerate towards the thoughts and feelings of others regarding the presence or past presence of dogs, taking our dogs to hotels has previously been avoided.  However, a recent visit to Ox Pasture Hall Country House Hotel proved to be a delightful experience and one that we shall repeat.

This month The Way of the Dog Ltd was invited to take Olla to visit Ox Pasture Hall Hotel to experience an overnight stay in one of the outstanding luxury suites that the hotel has to offer.  The hotel prides itself on being a dog friendly hotel and openly welcomes guests wishing to bring their dogs with them.  The hotel is located in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and although very close to Scarborough it is extremely peaceful and quiet.  It is certainly situated in a landscape and countryside that is fantastic for dogs and their owners.20141013_082605(4)

20141012_134347(2)On arrival at the hotel a very warm welcome from the management team and staff was received and we were immediately made to feel at home in the rustic setting that is Ox Pasture Hall.  The impressive lounges were busy with Sunday diners preparing to visit the outstanding restaurant.  Olla’s presence in the bar and lounge was warmly welcomed.  There was sufficient room for him to relax without getting in the way of other patrons.

The luxury suite was as impressive as the rest of the hotel and provided ample room for a German Shepherd Dog to rest peacefully.  It was warm, roomy, and exceptionally relaxing, it was immaculately clean and whilst dogs had stopped in the room previously Olla displayed no interest in investigating where they might have laid, a sure sign of a clean room.  The building proved to have exceptional sound proofing with no noise coming from the neighbouring occupied suites, which allowed an ordinarily alert dog to settle down and relax.

20141012_144319(2)The grounds of the hotel afforded sufficient open exercise areas and for those with dogs needing greater exercise, and who enjoy days out walking, Raincliffe Woods overlook the hotel offering so20141013_104914(3)me fantastic sights and trails.  Similarly, a short 5 minute drive into Scarborough gives access to the Yorkshire coast line, the Scarborough beach front is open to dogs from the 31st of September through the 1st of May only.

Our stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel was an absolute pleasure and one that we are already looking forward to repeating soon.  When taking a dog to a place frequented by others it is important to feel that one is welcome and not worrying about spoiling the experience for others.  Ox Pasture Hall Hotel offers an excellent hotel experience; all the staff and guests at the hotel made the visit an absolute joy making a strong case for dog friendly establishments.

If you are dog friendly business seeking a formal review please contact The Way of the Dog Ltd to discuss your requirements.

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