The Way of the Dog Ltd is delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Vince the Vet® to form a working collaboration focused on delivering the very best behavioural support and holistic health care. Vince the Vet® is a unique range of clinically proven[1], natural supplements, remedies, and raw food which is all specially formulated to promote the very best of health. We are very proud to be associated with Vince the Vet®, we wholeheartedly endorse the excellent range of natural feeding products, supplements, and remedies. Vince the Vet® is spearheaded by Dr Vince MacNally, BVSc, VetMFHom, MRCVS, an expert Holistic Vet with 30+ years clinical expertise in nutrition and the complementary treatment of pets.

For some years now our own dogs have been fed on raw and natural food as we believe in the nutritional value that raw feeding heralds trusting that it promotes the highest levels of health and vitality in our dogs. The range of products available from Vince the Vet® is outstanding, there is something for everyone. More importantly if you can’t find what your dog requires from the range Dr MacNally will support you in tailoring a diet to match your dog’s individual needs. We speak from experience as Dr MacNally has aided one of our own clients whose dog suffers from Irritable Bowel Disease. Since the dog has been under the care and attention of Dr MacNally, he has shown great improvement.

The Way of the Dog Ltd regularly engages with clients whose dogs demonstrate behavioural problems and might also suffer from a range of different health issues. It is sometimes the case that diet plays a significant part in how a dog might be behaving or feeling; and a change of food may yield fantastic results both cognitively and clinically. Dr McNally is clear that ‘Diet Is The Foundation Of Health’What you feed your pet each day, can potentially affect their quality of life and how long they live more than anything else you do for them. Feeding highly nutritious, natural foods rich in essential nutrients, in the right proportions, effectively promotes health, well-being and happiness.”

The Way of the Dog Ltd has joined up with Vince the Vet® because we use and trust in the wide range of products available and we support their ethical approach to pet feeding and holistic health care. Together The Way of the Dog Ltd and Vince the Vet® deliver over 60+ years’ experience in dogs both from a clinical and cognitive perspective. Combining our respective knowledge and expertise gives dog owners a genuine all-encompassing approach to the general health and wellbeing of their dog.

[1] Clinically proven in Dr McNally’s holistic veterinary practice.

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