Dog Behaviour Modification & Management

Behaviour Modification is the procedure by which a dog’s established and unwanted behaviours are modified to extinction or to a level considered manageable by the owner. For a whole host of different reasons not all inappropriate behaviour is modifiable, sometimes it simply has to be managed.

Behaviour modification involves the replacing of incompatible behaviours with compatible behaviours. This may be achieved through conditioning and shaping new behaviours, helping a dog desensitise to a particular provocation, or teaching a dog to respond in a different manner to a particular event. We provide assistance, support and guidance to aid with the modification and management of dogs – of any breed – that are demonstrating behaviours that might be associated with issues such as:



Fear is a natural and normal behaviour for a dog to exhibit, it is determining what constitutes normal levels of fear and extreme levels of fear that can often be the problem for dog owners.


Anxiety may be a result of a dog being separated from its owners or possibly its own kind, causes may be varied.  Excessive amounts of anxiety may lead to a variety of behavioural problems.


Stress is the dog’s internal response to a given demand or threat.  A healthy level of stress is normal; however, when stress becomes imbalanced it can lead to behavioural concerns.


Aggression is a normal behaviour and is necessary for the species to survive.  However, it is determining what is considered normal and acceptable that usually presents a difficulty when dealing with such cases.


Resource guarding relates to a dog protecting or defending something that it regards as a valuable resource from a toy, to its owner, or territory.  The lengths that the dog will go to protect the resource will depend on its motivation.

Predatory Chase

There are many reasons why dogs chase other animals or moving objects; in many ways chasing is a normal behaviour trait.  However, for some dog owners it can be an extremely challenging behaviour.

What is the process?

The process may vary among behaviour consultants, at The Way of the Dog we will guide you through the following steps:

  • Consultation – We will carefully and respectfully listen to your concerns.
  • Observation – We will spend sufficient time observing your dog’s behaviour in the environment in which it lives and moves.
  • Analysis – We will analyse the motivations behind your dog’s unwanted behaviours through discussion and assessment before reaching a conclusion.
  • Modification – We will use our vast experience, knowledge and professional expertise to develop and implement behaviour change protocols and recommend manageable solutions.
  • Diagnostic – We will provide you with a written analysis of your dog’s behaviour and recommendations for future management.
  • Client Support Forum – We will support you from afar.

Why choose The Way of the Dog?

Behaviour Modification and Behaviour Management is a specialised field that requires a professional, experienced, and dedicated approach. Shaun is a behaviour practitioner with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA), which is a partner of the Pet Education, Training, and Behaviour Council.

The CFBA is accepted by Pet Insurance Companies who cover behaviour problems on their policies and meets their criteria for excellence in the field. Shaun is an accredited Member of the CFBA and as such, your pet insurance policy may assist with costs. Each insurance company will have its own criteria of what it deems a behaviour problem which the client can discuss with their provider prior to booking an appointment. Canine or Feline behaviour problems are defined by each individual company, dog training is not covered by pet insurance.

Shaun’s national accreditation’s in the field of investigative interviewing and his commitment to the academic study of canine behaviour is put to great effect when establishing the origins and the motivations behind your dog’s unwanted behaviours.

Whether your dog is experiencing difficulty emotionally or is generally causing problems in the home or the community – we can help.  If your dog is fearful or aggressive – we can help.

We will put our array of skills, vast experience, and in-depth knowledge to the test to help you better understand your dog and address the behaviour. We address the unwanted behaviours through ethically transparent procedures using the principles of reinforcement, counter-conditioning, counter-commanding, and systematic desensitisation. We adopt a balanced and measured approach to the problem by applying the laws of learning and utilising the principles at the very heart of how dogs learn in order to resolve or manage the issue. We do not use equipment or procedures that are designed to make your dog fearful or cause your dog pain.

We understand dogs and their varying views of the world – and we can help you.

Do you have a dog with behavioural issues?

Send us the details of the specific behavioural issues your dog is displaying by completing one of the following forms.

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