About The Way of the Dog – Our Philosophy

The Way of the Dog behaviour and training consultancy takes a different and specialist approach to working with dogs and their owners. Find out how The Way of the Dog philosophy sets us apart in the world of dog behaviour and dog training, and why we are proud to be different.

Shaun and Olla - The Way of the Dog

What we think and why we are different

We take an evidence based and individual approach to our work with you and your dog. That means we draw upon all the proven and emerging methods in dog behaviour and dog training, and apply the most appropriate techniques to the needs of your dog. We also take great interest in individual learning styles ensuring that we adopt the most appropriate approach for your learning needs. All the methods we deploy are ethical, transparent, responsible, and aimed at effecting long-term change.

The Way of the Dog philosophy is that all dogs have their own unique and varying views of the world and all dog owners are different. Whatever some dog trainers or dog behaviourists may claim there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ‘always works’ method to training or addressing problems and issues. In the UK dog training remains an unregulated industry which means there is no recognised governing body holding those that train dogs accountable.

In recent years there has been a steady increase in people claiming to help owners and their dogs with training and behaviour issues. The result is that many dog owners are duped into spending money on training and behavioural support from individuals who lack appropriate teaching and training qualifications, experience, and knowledge. It really is the case that there are many individuals operating outside of the bounds of their ability, knowledge, and experience, please be careful.

We recognise and embrace the fact the dog training and behaviour is a specialist and complex area. Our ability, experience, qualification, and individual assessments of each dog we work with allows us to develop a unique training and development plan based on individual needs, capabilities, health, and environmental factors. The transparent and ethical procedures we use to help your dog are based on the principles of reinforcement, conditioning, counter-commanding, and systematic desensitisation. Most importantly we apply our extensive knowledge of how dogs learn and adapt – and we share this with you. We teach you to be your dog’s trainer.

We believe that dog ownership is a big responsibility that in return can bring you and your family great joy. It is relationship worth caring about, working hard at and investing in. We can help you.

Your dog. Your family. A rewarding relationship. The Way of the Dog

Want to know more about TWOTD?

At The Way of the Dog, we believe that all members of the dog industry should be open and honest about their qualifications, experience and knowledge to provide current and prospective clients with the information needed to make an informed decision on who they want to handle their dog.

Find out more about The Way of the Dog, Shaun and his approach to dog behaviour and training by visiting the pages below.

Our Philosophy

How does TWOTD differ to other trainers & behaviourists?

About Shaun - In Brief

An introduction from TWOTD's founder

About Shaun - In Depth

Shaun's experience and qualifications

Dog History

Shaun's personal dog owning history

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