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Behaviour Modification is the procedure by which a dog’s established and unwanted behaviours are modified to extinction or to a level considered manageable by the owner. For a whole host of different reasons not all inappropriate behaviour is modifiable, sometimes it simply has to be managed.

We provide assistance, support and guidance to aid with the behaviour modification and management of dogs. Please read the full description of our Behaviour Modification & Management service then complete the form below.

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    At The Way of the Dog, we believe that all members of the dog training and behaviour industry should be transparent about their qualifications, experience, and knowledge so that they provide current and prospective clients with the information needed to make an informed decision on who they want to handle their dog. Find out more about The Way of the Dog Ltd, Shaun and his approach to dog behaviour and training by visiting the pages below. Visit our articles section to read posts about dog training and how to select a dog behaviourist or dog trainer.

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    How does TWOTD differ to other trainers / behaviouralists?

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    An introduction from TWOTD’s founder

    About Shaun - In Depth

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