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Expert Witness Specialising in Dangerous Dog Legislation
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Shaun Hesmondhalgh, owner and director at The Way of The Dog Ltd is an expert witness specialising in Dangerous Dog Legislation.

Shaun is a former Service Police Dog Handler, Police Dog Kennel Manager, and a former Crime Manager from the RAF Police Special Investigations Branch.  He possesses a first-class BSc (Hons) in Canine Clinical Behaviour and a Professional Diploma in Education (Distinction). Additionally, Shaun is a Full Member of the Expert Witness Institute and is recognised by the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association as an expert witness; he is listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and the National Expert Witness Agency directories.

By choosing The Way of the Dog Ltd, you are not only accessing an accredited and exceptionally qualified dog behaviour professional but also a close team of time served accomplished former criminal investigators who are highly qualified in the gathering and presentation of evidence.

Shaun Hesmondhalgh

Shaun Hesmondhalgh

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is an individual who offers their expert knowledge, experience, and opinion in the form of expert evidence to provide the court with  opinion and facts that would fall outside the experience and knowledge of a judge or jury.

They can be instructed by either prosecution or defence counsel or an individual representing themselves during proceedings. They have an overriding duty to the court regardless of whether instructed by prosecution or defence counsel. The court will ultimately decide on whether an expert can give evidence.

They must possess the requisite core competencies needed to fulfil their duty to the court professionally and with credibility. Core competencies include:

  • Understanding of the law, regulations, and guidance governing expert evidence.
  • Delivering compliant, impartial, well-constructed, comprehensible reports.
  • Giving effective oral evidence in a tribunal or court.
  • Participating constructively in discussions of experts.
  • Creating good quality joint statements.
  • Holding true to their expert opinion.

Why Choose The Way of the Dog?

By choosing The Way of the Dog Ltd you are not only accessing an accredited and exceptionally qualified dog behaviour professional but also an accomplished former criminal investigators who is highly qualified in the gathering and presentation of evidence. The dog behaviour assessment protocols developed by Shaun are thoughtful, relevant, and robust.  His approach to assessment is routinely scrutinised in the courts and it withstands robust cross examination.

Assessing a dog to identify whether it constitutes a danger to public safety requires comprehensive observation, critical analysis, and skilled handling by a suitably experienced and confident expert. Many dogs deemed dangerous are formidable and powerful dog breeds. Dogs requiring assessment may have a proven history of inflicting serious or life changing injury, fatally attacking people, including dogs that have been purposefully trained to attack. What stands Shaun apart from other dog experts is his competency in handling all breeds of dogs to ensure that every dog is assessed thoroughly and with impartiality.

For a full précis of Shaun’s experience and qualifications, MOD and related references please contact him directly using the details shown below.  A Fee Engagement Letter will be made available upon an initial formal request to provide support.


Expert Witness Dangerous Dog Legislation
Expert Witness Dangerous Dog Legislation
Expert Witness Dangerous Dog Legislation

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