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Shaun Hesmondhalgh – Founder and Director of The Way of the Dog Ltd professional dog behaviour and training consultancy, based in Lancashire and active throughout the UK. Canine Clinical Behaviourist Shaun Hesmondhalgh is a former RAF Police Service Dog Handler with huge experience and a dog training and behaviour modification expert with leading qualifications.

Hello – thank you for visiting. My name is Shaun Hesmondhalgh and I am the Founder of The Way of the Dog Ltd. I am a full member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA) and a full member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT). I am also a full member and accredited Expert Witness with the Expert Witness Institute (EWI).

I have worked with dogs for over three decades developing my early skills, techniques and understanding in the Royal Air Force Police. During my career I have served as a Service Police Dog Handler specialising in operational dog training, behaviour modification & management, and dog welfare and kennel management.

Over the decades I have been privileged to work with a huge number of dogs, owners and families. Working across the spectrum of dog breeds I have encountered a fascinating range of dog behaviour and training issues. I continue to learn, and because every dog is different and deserves an individual approach, my own experience broadens all the time.

The Way of the Dog Ltd was established in 2012 and is a dog training and behaviour modification consultancy offering a unique range of specialist dog related services. Our approach combines an array of practical skills, vast experience, academic qualification, and in-depth knowledge of the ways that dogs learn.

Above all, at The Way of the Dog Ltd we recognise and appreciate that all dogs have their own unique and varying views of the world. It is this understanding and respect that forms the basis of our tailored approach to the needs of the individual dog in its specific environment.

You can be confident that in addition to being a member of renowned associations and institutions, I have national qualifications in dog handling, specialist dog training, and kennel management, together with the very best practical and managerial experience that comes from serving in the RAF. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Canine Clinical Behaviour and I am also a professionally qualified teacher holding a Professional Diploma in Education.

I continue to share new thinking in this developing field as part of my commitment to my team and our clients and to ensuring that we are one of the UK’s leading providers of dog training and behaviour modification services.

I founded The Way of the Dog Ltd to support dog owners and their families to enjoy a rewarding relationship with their dog. If you have any questions about our services and our approach – please do get in touch.

I hope we can work together.

Best regards,


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At The Way of the Dog, we believe that all members of the dog training and behaviour industry should be transparent about their qualifications, experience, and knowledge so that they provide current and prospective clients with the information needed to make an informed decision on who they want to handle their dog. Find out more about The Way of the Dog Ltd, Shaun and his approach to dog behaviour and training by visiting the pages below. Visit our articles section to read posts about dog training and how to select a dog behaviourist or dog trainer.

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About Shaun - In Brief

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