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The Way of the Dog Ltd regularly works in collaboration with different veterinary practices across the North West and beyond for the purposes of identifying the root causes of behavioural problems. Veterinary specialists fully appreciate the need to work with canine specialists and recognise associations such as the APBC, CAAB, and CFBA.

Shaun Hesmondhalgh is a Canine Clinical Behaviourist and a full member and recognised behaviour practitioner with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA). The CFBA is accepted by Pet Insurance Companies who cover behaviour problems on their policies and meets their criteria for excellence in the field. Shaun is an accredited Member of the CFBA and as such, clients pet insurance policies may assist with costs. Each insurance company will have its own criteria of what it deems a behaviour problem which the client can discuss with their insurance company prior to booking an appointment.  Canine or Feline behaviour problems are defined by each individual company. Dog training is not covered by pet insurance.

This form is intended for the sole use of veterinary practitioners who wish to refer a dog displaying incompatible/unwanted behaviours. We provide assistance, support and guidance to aid with the modification and management of dogs – of any breed – that are demonstrating such behaviours.

The Way of the Dog Ltd enjoys a working collaboration with the Regan Veterinary Group here in the North West of England.


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    At The Way of the Dog, we believe that all members of the dog training and behaviour industry should be transparent about their qualifications, experience, and knowledge so that they provide current and prospective clients with the information needed to make an informed decision on who they want to handle their dog. Find out more about The Way of the Dog Ltd, Shaun and his approach to dog behaviour and training by visiting the pages below. Visit our articles section to read posts about dog training and how to select a dog behaviourist or dog trainer.

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