Your dog. Your family. A rewarding relationship. The Way of the Dog.

From time to time we will be adding free TWOTD downloads on life with dogs. From hints and tips to insights into dogs and their varying views of the world.

We have also gathered some articles and external links* which we find interesting – and you might too. *We’re not responsible for external content.

Links you might find interesting:

Blue Cross animal charity

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

British Police and Services Canine Association

Cooper and Co. Solicitors – specialists in dog law

Dog Training Industry Association

Dogs Trust

Dogs for the Disabled

Government legislation on dogs

Government legislation on managing dogs

Institute for Animal Care Education

International Society for Animal Professionals

Kennel Club

People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals PDSA

Pet Blood Bank

The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners


The Welfare of Animals During Transport Act 2006

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