The Case of the Biting Golden Retriever

Dog Details

Dog Name: Teddy
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: Unknown
Sex: Dog

Case Details

Problem: Biting, refusing to walk, stealing food, dog-to-dog aggression

Summary: Teddy was imported from Ireland having lost his home through the passing of his owner.  The history of the dog was largely unknown and required thorough background checks by his foster carer in order to provide limited details.  It was discovered that the dog’s upbringing was complicated and as a result he lacked appropriate social skills. The rescue responsible for Teddy sought the guidance and support of The Way of the Dog.

The dog’s journey to his current home was complex, he bit the driver during transportation to England, and he was rejected from two potential homes because he was just too difficult to handle.  Work with other behaviourists had failed to identify root cause of problems or provide appropriate solutions.

His new carer was very experienced in handling rescue dogs possessing several of her own, however she found Teddy to be a real challenge.  His behaviours were considered complex and his responses were totally inappropriate, help was needed.

Actions: A thorough assessment of behaviour followed by behaviour modification procedures and basic control work.  A thorough veterinary examination with the clients veterinary practice and thermology body reading courtesy of syncthermology.

Outcome: Due to his complex nature, but also the positive progression made, the foster carer adopted Teddy and allowed him to become a member of her family.  As a result of the time and energy invested in the dog by his owner he is now much happier and gradual improvements are being witnessed regularly.  Veterinary support revealed arthritic pain and appropriate meds were prescribed.

The owner feels more confident with the dog and is able to respond appropriately when the situation demands.  Teddy will remain a challenge for the foreseeable future, however he is now receiving the appropriate treatment, is in a forever home with an understanding owner, and he is progressing very well.

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