Guardian Breed Puppy Development Programme

At The Way of the Dog Ltd we consider that proper Puppy Development is the single most important part of a dog’s long term good health, general wellbeing, and behavioural profile. The first few months of a puppy’s life are the most significant periods of development and largely influence the dog’s future behaviour. Puppy training delivered correctly during this period considerably increases the likelihood of the puppy becoming a well-rounded and balanced adult dog.

We specialise in working with the spectrum of guardian breeds delivering puppy owners professional support, intelligent puppy training, and thoughtful development of their pup. We will educate, mentor, and guide you, with a view to advancing you and your puppy towards developing and maintaining a safe and rewarding relationship. Your respective individual learning and development are our distinct priority, and we can make it happen. We will identify with your personal aims and objectives and we will help you achieve them.


Why choose a Puppy Development Programme with The Way of the Dog Ltd?

  • Individual learning styles are accommodated, and teaching is delivered accordingly.
  • The positive development of individual skills and understanding is supported.
  • The dog and owner are given exclusivity and full engagement.
  • A safe learning environment is formed preventing potential barriers to learning.
  • The pace of puppy development is tailored to match your personal needs, abilities, and requirement.
  • Specific breed traits are accommodated, with training being appropriate for the drive and motivation of your puppy.


What is our approach to Puppy Development?

Puppy training with The Way of the Dog Ltd is balanced and measured and focuses on supporting and nurturing a positive learning environment. We routinely adopt a positive and intelligent approach that is based on both the puppy and client learning and enjoying themselves. We identify with your aims and objectives and support you to achieve them.

Our methods and approaches may vary depending on the individual needs and motivations of the puppy. Notwithstanding, we are always ethical and always transparent ensuring that the welfare of both puppy and client are uppermost in our minds. We always consider the character and temperament of the puppy, leading and handling the dog intelligently.

We are highly experienced and successful in working with the full spectrum of guardian breeds. However, we choose not to use any training equipment that is aversive in nature and designed to inflict pain on your dog. We forge healthy relationships and not relationships based on fear.


What do our Puppy Development programmes focus on?

Our one-to-one Puppy Development Programmes focus on the following;

  • The laws of learning
  • The development of the puppy’s response reliability.
  • The promotion of engagement and focus.
  • The building of stimulus and impulse control.
  • The growth of confidence, resilience, and, empowerment.

In simple terms, we support you to grow as one.


How is our Puppy Development programme delivered?

For an enriching learning experience and for the purposes of increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome we enlist clients for an initial 4 x 1-hour sessions (this is a minimum requirement). This may be broken down into shorter sessions (45 mins) depending on the individual puppy.

Following the initial 4-hours of puppy training we will review where we are all up to, consider ongoing puppy training and development, and where appropriate clients may be invited to book further sessions.

The development of a puppy is a lengthy period, it will not happen in 4 sessions it will be an ongoing requirement until the puppy reaches adulthood. Even once the puppy has reached full adult maturity training remains an ongoing requirement for the purpose of adopting a positive approach to responsible dog ownership.

The programme will be delivered at The Way of the Dog Ltd private outdoor training facility.

The Way of the Dog Ltd adopts a wholly inclusive approach to training and we support the individual needs of our clients. Clients who have any specific learning needs will be accommodated where practicable.


The benefits of a Puppy Development Programme

Investment in professional and structured puppy training is undoubtedly a key and favourable financial expenditure in determining and advancing a dog’s true potential. Many of the dogs that develop behavioural problems, as they near maturity and adulthood, might do so because the early training received may have been inappropriate for the breed of dog or they simply received no training at all.

We have carefully considered how a puppy and its owners should be trained and how that training should be delivered so that the potential for learning and successful development is maximised.  Our individual approach provides the owner with undivided attention allowing them to engage with the trainer exclusively.

We combine professional teaching practice with our vast dog training knowledge and experience to deliver a programme that educates both owners and dogs in unison. Our approach guarantees that you and your puppy are the centre of our attention and that your long term objectives are our primary concern. We feel passionately about delivering personalised one-on-one breed specific puppy training to our clients and their families in a safe learning environment that supports learning for all.

We look forward to working with you and advancing your knowledge and handling skills.

Want to know more about TWOTD?

At The Way of the Dog, we believe that all members of the dog training and behaviour industry should be transparent about their qualifications, experience, and knowledge so that they provide current and prospective clients with the information needed to make an informed decision on who they want to handle their dog. Find out more about The Way of the Dog Ltd, Shaun and his approach to dog behaviour and training by visiting the pages below. Visit our articles section to read posts about dog training and how to select a dog behaviourist or dog trainer.

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